Monday, June 12, 2017

Francesca Comencini's “Stories of Love that Cannot Belong to This World” to be Featured at The Locarno Film Festival

The 2017 edition of Switzerland's Locarno Film Festival is keeping with tradition in featuring a number of contemporary Italian films.

The very first edition of the festival took place on August 23, 1946 with a screening of Giacomo Gentiloma’s O Sole Mio on the lawn of the Grande Hotel. In the years that followed, programmers embraced the great movement of Italian Neo-Realism and today, the cinema of Italy continues to be a leading protagonist of the festival.

This year’s Italian selections include Andrea Magnani’s Easy, the story of a depressed race car driver missing his days of glory; Marco Tullio Giordana’s Due Soldati will be shown in a pre-festival screening; and Daniele Gaglianone’s short film “Granma” will be shown in the Fuori Concorso (Out of Competition). 

A scene from Easy by Andrea Magnani
One film which is receiving a lot of buzz is Francesca Comencini’s Amori che non sanno stare al mondo (Stories of Love that Cannot Belong to This World). Adapted from her own book, the film has been described as a drama that takes an ironic but lucid look at the way in which women deal with the end of a relationship. The story follows Claudia and Flavio, a couple deeply in love. When the relationship comes to end, they each react differently. For Claudia, it was like placing someone at the door hoping that it would suddenly open. At fifty years of age, she has within her a fury because she wants to move forward but she feels to be stuck in a deep well. To her, saving oneself would mean forgetting. But she never wants the memory to disappear. Flavio meets Giorgia. She, with the energy and freshness of a thirty-year-old, and the coltish body of someone who does not wish to grow old, has already shown him solid ground. He, burdened by life, has abandoned himself to his desires. The film is a portrait of two generations. The cast includes Lucia Mascino, Thomas Trabacchi, Carlotta Natoli, Iaia Forte, Valentina Bellè and Camilla Semino Favro. “Amori che non sanno stare al mondo” will be shown in the Piazza Grande on August 6.

A scene from Amori che non sanno stare al mondo
I met Francesca Comencini last October at Rome's MAXXI Museo during the Festa del Cinema di Roma as part of a tribute to Luigi Comencini. The commedia all'italiana director's four daughters Paola, Cristina, Francesca and Eleonora were the featured guests of an interesting discussion in which stories and memories alternated with sequences from their father's films chosen by each one of his daughters.

Francesca's comments and memories of her father were funny and endearing. She seems to have a natural sense of humor like her father.

The Locarno Film Festival will take place August 2-12, 2017. Click here to visit the festival's website. 

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