Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Just Announced: "The Space Between" to Premiere at Australian Italian Film Festival

The first ever Australia/Italy coproduction will premiere at Australia's Italian Festival in September.

Directed by Ruth Borgobello, "The Space Between" is set in Udine, a small urban city in Northern Italy. The story follows the journey of Marco (Flavio Parenti), a 35-year-old who has stopped searching for his place in the world, then finds it in an unexpected place. Although he is a talented chef, he works, uninspired, in a factory. Avoiding real love, he passes his time in an empty relationship. Even unhappiness can't last forever. But it can get much worse. He finds out when he loses his best friend in a tragic car accident. Suddenly, his comfortable world is turned upside down. Forced to fight for something for the first time in a while, he focuses on trying to keep his friend's struggling business alive. Along the way, he meets Olivia (Maeve Dermody), a spirited young Australian living out her dreams in the most unlikely place. Olivia helps Marco navigate his way beyond the space between loss and hope, dreams and reality. But they begin to fall in love, complicating everything and forcing them both to ultimately confront a choice between their dreams and each other.

Marco Leonardi in a scene from "Anime nere"
Marco Leonardi is among the cast, and rightfully so. Leonardi was born in Australia to Calabrese parents. So, it will be nice to see him participate in this production of both his countries.
The Italian Film Festival will take place during September and October in seven different cities across the country. If you are Down Under, don't miss a great opportunity to see contemporary Italian cinema! For more information, visit the festival online..

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