Monday, June 20, 2016

Matteo Persica's Biography on Anna Magnani Headed to America

A new biography by Matteo Persica is currently being translated into English and will arrive on American shores soon. I've known Persica for many years through social media, and he is passionately dedicated to preserving the memory of his beloved Anna Magnani. The biography has been well-received in Italy, so I am looking forward to the English translation.
“Anna Magnani. Biography of a woman” translated directly from the Italian title, "Anna Magnani. Biografia di una donna", was bestowed the prestigious Italian literary awards “Ferrovie dello Stato” and the national “Borgo Albori”earlier this year. Many critics consider his work the best book to this date on the actress.

Through films such as
Roma città aperta, l’ onorevole Angelina, L’ amore, Bellissima, La rosa tatuata, Mamma Roma, readers can relive Magnani's innate talent as well as the thoughts, feelings, joys and troubles of a woman who lived life in an attempt to stay loyal to herself. That meant embodying core values such as moral integrity and professionalism, even if it she had to pass on major film productions to do so. She was sometimes considered difficult and her films we not always the biggest money-makers but she preferred to maintain her human and artistic dignity rather than reduce herself for the masses. Thanks to the passion, commitment and compelling prose of author Matteo Persica, we are presented with a clear and concise account of Magnani's life and work.
The book was published by Odoya Publishing House in Italy with the preface written by Maurizio Liverani, introduced by a memory of Fabrizio Sarazani. We will keep you updated on the progress of the English translation and its availability in America.

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