Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Lineup for Giovanna Taviani's SalinaDocFest Announced

It's just been announced that Gianfranco Rosi's "Fuocoammare" will open the 10th edition of Giovanna Taviani's SalinaDocFest, an annual film festival held on the Aeolian Island of Salina that features documentaries and feature films with themes of human rights and relevant social issues.
Rosi's film will be shown as a special event, not in competition. Listed below are the ten films, in two categories of competition along with the screening times.

"Sponde. Nel sicuro sole del Nord"
Concorso Internazionale Madre Mediterraneo
International Competition- "Mother Mediterranean"

"Due Sicilie" by Alessandro Piva
Friday 10 June h-15.30 | Malfa – Centro congressi 

"Sponde. Nel sicuro sole del Nord." by Irene Dionisio
Friday 10 June h-17.00 | Malfa – Centro congressi

"Nella mia testa una rotatoria" (Dans ma tête un rond point) by Hassen Ferhani
Saturday 11 June h-15.30 | Malfa – Centro congress

"Les Sauters"
"They Will Have To Kill Us First" by Johanna Schwartz
Saturday 11 June h-17.30 | Malfa – Centro congressi 

"Shashamane" by Giulia Amati
Domenica 12 giugno h 10.00 | Malfa – Centro congressi 

"Les Sauters" by Moritz Siebert, Estephan Wagner e Abou Bakar Sidibé in collaboration with Biografilm Festival

Domenica 12 giugno h 11.30 | Malfa – Centro congress 

"Magic Island"
Concorso Nazionale Sicilia.Doc Sicilian Documentary Competition

"‘U Ferru" by Marco Leopardi
Giovedì 9 giugno h 15.00 | Malfa – Centro congressi 

"Sicily Jass. The worlds first man in jazz" by Michele Cinque
Giovedì 9 giugno h 16.30 | Malfa – Centro congressi 
"Magic Island" by Marco Amenta
Mercoledì 8 giugno h 17.00 | Malfa – Centro congressi 
Watch the beautiful trailer
"Triokala" by Leandro Picarella
Mercoledì 8 giugno h 15.30 | Malfa – Centro congress

With Giovanna Taviani in Rochester, NY 
Giovanna Taviani is the daughter of the iconic filmmaker, Vittorio Taviani.. one half of the filmmaking duo, the Taviani Brothers. Although she had a part in her father's 1984 film, "Kaos", she has chosen a path behind the camera as a director specializing in documentaries. The festival, which began in 2007 ,has become a huge success with critics, filmmakers and the public. With each passing year, the festival grows, showcasing new productions of the narrative documentary made by promising young filmmakers.
Taviani has made a number of thought-provoking films, which reflect on society and the assimilation of immigrants. My personal favorite is her 2010 film, "Fughe e approdi", which showcases the cinematic magic of the beautiful Aeolian Islands where she grew up. Read my review and watch the trailer. 
The SalinaDocFest runs June 7-12 and will take place on its namesake island of Salina. For more information, visit the festival's website.


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