Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Rocco Talucci to present his Documentary on Screenwriter Enrico Medioli at Cineteca Nazionale

Enrico Medioli and Rocco Talucci
What do you get when you round up a bunch of Golden Age cinema legends to talk about one of their peers? An engaging documentary called, "Ritratto di sceneggiatore in un interno" (Portrait of a Writer). It is a beautiful film filled with nostalgia, wit and recollections of an era gone by.

Filmmaker Rocco Talucci explores the career of Enrico Medioli, one of the most renowned writers of Italian cinema. He worked with the likes of Luchino Visconti, Valerio Zurlini  and Sergio Leone and is credited for writing their masterpieces: "Il Gattopardo", "Once Upon a Time in America" and "Ludwig" just to name a few. He also worked extensively in television, creating recent hits like the acclaimed 2007 "War and Peace" and the 2008 miniseries "Coco Chanel".

With "Ritratto di sceneggiatore in un interno", Talucci analyzes the work of Medioli through his unpublished testimonies and those of the people who have worked with him throughout his distinguished career in cinema, such as Claudia Cardinale, Charlotte Rampling and Adriana Asti.

Talucci describes "Ritratto di sceneggiatore in un interno" as "a small independent film that tells a great story: the story of screenwriter Enrico Medioli." He goes on to call the film "a journey through the most beautiful pages of the last fifty years of cinema."

Medioli completely opens up to Talucci sharing his experiences as a screenwriter, working with true legends of cinema.  In addition to information regarding the drafting of the screenplays he wrote, there is a small private portrait on the years of his youth and high school education as a student of the poet Attilio Bertolucci.

Claudia Cardinale in "Rocco e i suoi Fratelli"
Talucci interviewed Claudia Cardinale about her experience working with Medioli. Cardinale played important roles in a number of films written by Medioli, including Visconti's 1961 "Rocco e i suoi fratelli" and Valerio Zurlini's "La ragazza con la valigia".

I've been connected with Rocco Talucci on social media for a while now and what I appreciate most about his perspective is that he truly appreciates the cinema of yesterday.. the Golden Age as we know it but at the same time, he also appreciates the contemporary filmmakers. of today. In a recent interview with Giacomo Aricò for Camera Look, he commented on Cardinale's statement in the film, that the cinema of those years made you dream. He was asked if the cinema of today can still make us dream. He replied by saying, "The cinema of today is different. It is difficult to compare two very different worlds.. but  today's cinema can still make us dream.

Cineteca Nazionale will dedicate May 12 to Enrico Medioli. Two of his works will be shown- "La ragazza con la valigia" and "Gruppo di famiglia in un interno" followed by "Ritratto di sceneggiatore in un interno" with a special Q&A with Rocco Talucci. Click here for more information.

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