Thursday, February 26, 2015

Silvio Muccino's "Le leggi del desiderio" in Italian Theaters Today

“We were writing a romantic comedy, but I missed the link with the present. I found it thanks to the Internet: that’s where I found the American life coach Anthony Robbins’ videos. He was someone who had never been portrayed in our cinema. But where does the mask end and the man begin?” This is what Silvio Muccino wonders in his new movie Le leggi del desiderio (lit. The Law of Desire), written (with Carla Vangelista), directed by and starring him as the motivational trainer Giovanni Canton, alongside Nicole Grimaudo, Carla Signoris and Maurizio Mattioli (read the news). Muccino jr’s third movie as a director (another upcoming release is the new movie by his brother Gabriele, Fathers and Daughters) starts in fact as an exploration of a modern trend (“The life coach tells you how to dress, what to eat, what to buy. In times of crisis, people need someone to show them the way. They used to be called Shamans, today their realm is the internet”) and evolves like a classic romantic comedy, complete with “ugly ducklings” becoming swans and salvation from a cynical life through love, because “behind every superhero mask, emotions are what really count”.

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