Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Marco Bellocchio: A Retrospective at MOMA - New York City

Marco Bellocchio

In collaboration with Luce Cinecittà, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) presents the exhibition Marco Bellocchio: A RetrospectiveNew and restored 35mm prints of most of Marco Bellocchio’s cinematic productions, from his earliest films to his latest, revealing a particularly rich oeuvre in contemporary Italian filmmaking. Marco Bellocchio is one of the finest Italian movie directors who has created over 40 films including popular titles such as VincereGood Morning, NightMy Mother's Smile, and Fists in the Pocket.

- Wednesday, April 16th (8:00pm- 10:00pm): opening night with a screening of The Wedding Director at MoMA (11 West 53rd Street)
-Thursday, April 17th there will be the launch of the book Morality and Beauty by Marco Bellocchio, at the Italian Cultural Institute at 3:00pm (686 Park Avenue), followed by a screening of Dormant Beauty at MoMA (7:00pm-9:00pm – MoMA, 11 West 53rd Street)

The Wedding Director (100min.) -- Franco Elica is a dissolute movie director who slides into despair after being asked - to his horror - to make a film. Hoping to avoid a looming sexual-harassment scandal, Franco flees to Sicily where he hides out and meets a host of colorful characters: a man who makes his living shooting wedding films, a film director who is faking his own death to finally achieve fame, and a cultured Prince. The menacing Prince, a huge fan of Franco's movies, commissions him to shoot the wedding of his tempestuous daughter, Bona, with whom Elica quickly falls impulsively, dangerously in love and whose wedding he becomes driven to sabotage at all costs. Beneath the film's farcical surface is a scathing vision of a cinema in decline: As the cinema goes, so goes the nation - The Wedding Director is an implicit indictment of a moribund country and a wake-up call for revitalization, peering into the looking-glass to produce a self-reflexive satire of the world of filmmaking.

Dormant Beauty (115min.) -- takes us back to the first few days of February 2009 when an emergency decree was being discussed in the Italian Senate to stop the father of a young woman named Eluana who had been in a coma for seventeen years from taking his daughter off life support. Like in many Marco Bellocchio films, real life images are mixed with actors' performances. Toni Servillo plays the role of a senator (a former socialist) from Silvio Berlusconi's majority coalition. The man is filled with doubts questions of conscience as he comes to a decision to vote against the law and resign, having given in to the pleas of his fatally ill wife who has been pleading with him to help her put an end to her life. His militant catholic daughter (Alba Rohrwacher), who has been protesting in front of the clinic where Eluana is hospitalized, falls in love with a young man (Michele Riondino) in favor of euthanasia.

For a complete list of films, visit the series online...

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  1. I am with Cinema Made In Italy and Emerging Pictures, the company releasing Bellocchio's Dormant Beauty in the US. The opening with be June 6 in NYC and then LA, Miami, DC, Chicago and other cities will follow. We would love for you to review the film. If you haven't seen it I can get you a link to watch it. Any post around the time of the release would be great. I appreciated your blog on Miele/Honey recently. Thanks, Amy


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